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Hello Tutor is South Africa's leading digital education platform offering exceptional content from SA's top teachers.

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Hello Tutor believes in quality education for all

By embracing a new model that combines Social Impact Investment, digital platforms and high quality teachers from high quality schools - Hello Tutor seeks to remove inequality from education.

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Example Tutorials

Teacher Mathew Kirkland explains the Cell Cycle Phase of Mitotis in this Grade 10 Life Sciences tutorial.

The Rules of Differentiation are explained to IsiZulu Grade 12 Mathematics students by Teacher Kubeka.

In this Grade 6 Mathematics lesson, Candace Rennie teaches us how to calculate the period of Time.

This in-depth and pictorial tutorial showcases Acceleration to Grade 11 Physical Sciences learners.

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Hello Tutor believes that teachers who deliver quality content should be rewarded for their efforts. For every approved and uploaded tutorial, you will receive R10 a month, and a further R2 for each interaction or viewing of your content. T&Cs apply.

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We are delighted when we get good reviews and feedback. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us.

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James West

Fantastic source of educational content

We were really struggling to find a reliable source of educational content for Adam who was finding Science particularly challenging. By subscribing to Hello Tutor, Adam was able to follow a range of videos in his own time and get to grips with all the issues he was having. It has been a real source of comfort knowing that he has the extra help he needs whenever he needs it.

Kendyl Renzulli

Grade 11 Leaner

I love that Hello Tutor has such a variety of videos. If I am struggling in a particular area in Maths all I need do is search the database for a video and there is my extra lesson at the click of a button.

Tumelo Mokoqama

Thank you Hello Tutor!

I have a real passion for teaching and am acutely aware that so many children in this country really need extra help but don’t have access to tutors / teachers in the way they need them. By creating and uploading my educational videos to Hello Tutor I am not only earning a passive income for myself, but I am benefiting countless kids who need the extra support I am able to provide through this platform. Thank you Hello Tutor! - Hello Tutor Teacher