James West

Fantastic source of educational content

We were really struggling to find a reliable source of educational content for Adam who was finding Science particularly challenging. By subscribing to Hello Tutor, Adam was able to follow a range of videos in his own time and get to grips with all the issues he was having. It has been a real source of comfort knowing that he has the extra help he needs whenever he needs it.

Kendyl Renzulli

Grade 11 Leaner

I love that Hello Tutor has such a variety of videos. If I am struggling in a particular area in Maths all I need do is search the database for a video and there is my extra lesson at the click of a button.

Tumelo Mokoqama

Thank you Hello Tutor!

I have a real passion for teaching and am acutely aware that so many children in this country really need extra help but don’t have access to tutors / teachers in the way they need them. By creating and uploading my educational videos to Hello Tutor I am not only earning a passive income for myself, but I am benefiting countless kids who need the extra support I am able to provide through this platform. Thank you Hello Tutor! - Hello Tutor Teacher